Ask the Expert: Shrink-Wrapped Fruit

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Amory from Minneapolis, MN: Dear Underwear Expert, I like the feeling of snug underwear pouches. I just prefer that everything stays put when I’m in class or hanging out with friends. Are there any pairs of underwear with pouches for guys who like it tight?

The Underwear Expert: I think we can help you out, Amory. Not every man wants his junk bumping around like apples in a freighter. Sometimes all you need is a pair of underwear that keeps your parts in the right place. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Matthew Terry was wearing a pair that might be right for you. The Calvin Klein Concept Micro collection is perfect for men who want to pull on a pair of underwear and then forget about it all day long.

If you’re a brief man, the Diesel Fresh and Bright collection is made from a soft, stretch cotton fabric, which provides desired comfort and support. Just like a tube of tennis balls, nothing will be bouncing in these undies until you open them up.

Do you play any sports? Under Armour has your back (assuming it’s muscular and athletic). The Under Armour Charged Cotton collection is a great way to keep your cadets in check while you storm the field. With moisture wicking and a renewed focus on fit, the Charged Cotton boxer brief will make you feel cool, dry and safe.

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Photo Credit: Calvin Klein, Diesel


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