Show Your Strength in Hurmoso

Hurmoso Photos 1

Ryan Bertroche, Greg Remmey and Don Hood pulled on a few pairs of Hurmoso briefs for photographers Matt F. and Givoanni F. The photo shoot team consisted of Pissarro as the art director and Xavier Velasco as the stylist. Photographed in New York, the three models showed off their muscular bodies against simple backgrounds.

Can underwear make you more confident? The people at Hurmoso seem to believe that it can.

Hurmoso Photos 2

Hurmoso Photos 3

The underwear show is the East Village Hip Brief ($22), the Midtown Jock Brief in black and blue ($22) and the Meatpacking Trunk ($26).

For more information about this brand: Hurmoso

Photo Credit: Hurmoso


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