Show Your Strength in Hurmoso – Pt 2

Hurmoso Photos 4

Hurmoso Photos 4

On Monday, we published a trio of photos depicting strong, confident models in Hurmoso underwear. If you liked the images as much as we did, then we have some good news: part two is here. This second set features Ryan Bertroche, Michael Johnson, Jason Howlett, Greg Remmey and Don Hood in Hurmoso briefs and trunks. Like the first trio of photos, this batch shows the men looking confident and strong. Ryan Bertroche and Michael Johnson even play tug-of-war in the above image. Once again, the mini-gallery was shot by Matt F. and Givoanni F., with art direction by Pissarro and styling by Xavier Velasco. Have a look at the rest of the images below. Has Hurmoso piqued your interest?

Hurmoso Photos 6
Hurmoso Photos 5

For more information about this brand: Hurmoso

Photo Credit: Hurmoso


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