Sequined Harry Styles Underwear?!

A positively mind-blowing Harry Styles underwear photo is circulating the web, and quite frankly we’re kind of overwhelmed. Not only is the One Direction star rocking a gold sequin thong but he’s wearing them while ironing another pair of underwear. Our underwear cup truly runneth over, so to speak.

This Harry Styles underwear double-whammy was snapped back in 2010, during the young star’s stint on X Factor UK. Digital Spy tracked down the star to ask what gives with the gold thong, and oh yes, we have Harry’s explanation on video:

Man of the house, indeed.

We can’t help but wonder if the teen star’s penchant for gold, sparkly underthings will launch a global trend in the flashy thong business. If only because One Direction fans will likely be hurling them on stage in fits of hysterical frenzy for many world tours to come.

In honor of this first annual ‘Harry Styles Underwear Day’ (mark your calendars), we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite shots of Harry, including the candid swimwear shot below. Our other favorites include Harry looking charming and stylish, just because.

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