Medieval Underwear for Game of Thrones

The third season of Game of Thrones premieres on the 31st of March. We here at The Underwear Expert are excited but also curious: what kind of medieval underwear did these guys wear?? Fear not, readers, we’ve got all the answers right here for you.

Although the folks in medieval times wore all kinds of tunics and hoses and stockings and things, there is heavy speculation as to the specifics of medieval underwear, especially for men. Because people didn’t record a whole lot of information about their undies, many historians have gathered all their information on medieval underwear from either artwork of the time period or any archaeological evidence.

Thankfully some other folks have made their findings known to the public and we were able to find out the deets on our ancestor’s skivvies.

Medieval underpants were called “braies, breeks, or breeches.” The breeches were made out of off-white linen, varied in length (usually going down to somewhere between the upper-thight to below the knee), and closed by a tie-able drawstring or belt at the waist.

There ya have it.

Does medieval underwear sound as sexy and versatile as the underwear we wear around today? Well no, but thank goodness they had all the time to get from there to where we are now.

What do you think of all this medieval underwear? Check out the close-up pic below, and let us know!

Photo and Basic Research Credit: Melissa Snell of, Polyvore, Game of Thrones


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