TV Star Underwear Sightings of the Week 3.15.13

Here at The Underwear Expert, there’s nothing we love more than watching a great show at the end of the day. If there are TV star underwear sightings, then the experience is even better. We know that you don’t have time to see every show every week, so we’re keeping an eye out for those undies sightings for you. Here are the scenes people will be talking about this weekend:

First up, let’s check in with Ellen Degeneres’s new underwear model, Gluteus Mikesimus. He’s back and better than ever, trying to sell Ellen underwear to an office full of embarrassed women (and one down-to-dance man). Check out the clip below.


Next, we spotted Bobby Campo in Being Human, a series on Syfi about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost that live together in Boston. Or whatever.

Glee came through for us again with Chord Overstreet, Jacob Artist, and Blake Jenner in briefs. They were doing the Risky Business thing (with some Top Gun thrown in for good measure). Obviously, we love it.

Finally, we saw a Matt Bomer underwear sighting that reminds us of why underwear fans should watch White Collar. They should have called the show “Striped Boxer.”

Check back weekly for more TV star underwear sightings!

Photo Credit: Boxers or Briefs, Male Celeb News, Warner Bros


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