March’s Jockstrap Round-Up

Last month saw a handful of amazing jockstrap releases. This month was even better as even more underwear brands released a lineup of stylish and daring jockstrap designs. Most of these jockstraps are made from a fabric breakdown of cotton and elastane but all of them showcase an original design aesthetic. March highlights include Aussiebum’s Breeze jockstrap, which features a honeycomb texture and Nasty Pig’s Convert jocks, which mix black with bold color accents.

Check out March’s scorching jockstraps and tell us know which one gets your temperature rising.

Aussiebum Flash Jockstrap ($23.81 USD)
The Flash jockstrap features a black body with a variety of contrasting colors to choose from. This jock features a reflective color-foil print waistband that features the Aussiebum brand name in blue or orange. It is made from 87% micro modal and 13% elastane for a soft fit. XS-XXL.

Aussiebum Flash Jockstrap Orange

Nasty Pig Covert Jockstrap ($25)
Nasty Pig introduced its new collection of jockstraps inspired by the fabric construction and colors of its popular Systematic jocks. The new jocks are offered in black with three choices of accent colors that include white, red and yellow; this style is made from a thick fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. S-XL.

Nasty Pig Covert Jockstrap Yellow

C-IN2 Filthy Jockstrap ($24)
C-IN2 adds brighter colors to its Filthy jockstrap inspired by classic colors of Americana. This style comes in shades of white, moon indigo and code red. Made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex, the Filthy collection combines distressed and faded fabrics with a monochromatic tie-dye. S-XL.

C-IN2 Filthy Street Jock Strap white

Nasty Pig Core Jockstrap ($20)
Nasty Pig updates its core jockstraps with two new colors—red and yellow. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, Nasty Pig’s collection of core jockstraps is one of the brand’s most popular styles, “so adding colors to the lineup seemed like a natural, next step,” said David Lauterstein, co-founder and CEO of Nasty Pig. S-XL.

Nasty Pig Core Jockstrap Red

Papi Cotton Stretch 2-Pack Jockstraps ($20)
Papi updates its Cotton Stretch jockstraps with playful stripes and bold, bright colors such as intensity red, mare blue, coastal blue, mojito green, Caribe turquoise, acai purple and mamey orange. This jockstrap’s classic fit and long-lasting fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex never goes out of style. S-XL.

Papi 2-Pack Essential Cotton Stretch15

Aussiebum Breeze Jockstrap ($22.52)
Designed for active men, the Breeze jockstrap is made from a soft, breathable cotton mesh fabric that will make you feel breezy when things are heating up down under. Consisting of 92% cotton and 8% elastane, this fabric features a honeycomb or waffle-cotton fabric. It also comes in two different colored waistbands: green and red. XS-XXL.

Aussiebum Breeze Lifestlye Jockstrap Red

Modus Vivendi Stablehand Transformer Jockstrap (€19,90)
The Transformer jockstrap can be easily attached to a corset, included in the collection, to create a special enhancing underwear design. The front and back of the jockstrap, which are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, are attached to the corset’s three rings. S-XL.

Modus Vivendi Stablehand White

For more information about this brand: Aussiebum, C-IN2, Modus Vivendi, Nasty Pig, and Papi


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