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Les Insurges Photos 2Les Insurges is a French brand aiming to shake up the conventions of men’s underwear. To achieve this, the company is focusing on underwear that matches the lifestyles of its customers. For example, the brand’s collections include Trendy Military, Urban Nomad, Dandy Rock, Preppy and Mad Men (which takes its inspiration directly from the show of the same name). Check out the video below, then have a peek at the Les Insurges photos after the jump.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6sUbKwb0cc&w=620&h=350]

In addition to bringing fashion all the way down to men’s underwear, Les Insurges is working with Pur Projet to prevent soil erosion, protect biodiversity and to fight against climate change. Pur Projet has planted  more than two million trees to date. Les Insurges uses a “rounding up” program to raise money for this charity. The underwear brand’s customers have the option to round their purchases up to the next whole euro. The extra money goes directly to Pur Projet’s work with local farmers.

From what we’ve seen of the brand, there’s a lot to be excited about. The underwear is tagless – a big plus in our book. The styles are interesting, and the inspirations are diverse. For its ambitious ranges of underwear and swimwear, Les Insurges is a brand to watch.

For more information about this brand: Les Insurges

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