iPhone Panties and Underwear… for Decency!


Wait, you don’t have iPhone panties, underwear or any other form of clothing covering your phones precious and private little home button?? You perverts…

iPhone Panties

Since the iPhone’s hit the market (jeez, remember the time before iPhones?), creative people with most likely nothing else to do have been crafting outfits and accessories in addition to cases for their iPhones.

Seriously though, a company in Japan has created what they’re calling SmartPants, the worlds first iPhone panties and underwear for your smartphone. While we here at The Underwear Expert are all freaking out that our phones have been naked this whole time without us realizing, we look to SmartPants and the future with hopeful and dressed eyes.

Interested in SmartPants for your iPhone? Check out some pics of just a few of the available styles below and let us know what kind of iPhone panties or underwear would be best for you!

The Boxer-Brief

For all the modern men who just wanna cover up their little home button and whatnot.

iPhone Panties 01

The Leopard Thong

For when you’re headed out for a fun night out… and you can feel it in your home button.

iPhone Panties 02

The Classic White Brief

Tell Siri to “just take those old records off the shelf,” and hopefully she’ll get it.
iPhone Panties 03

The Strawberry Panties

Nothing’s sexier than a big, juicy strawberries, especially when they cover up your little, sexy home button.
iPhone Panties 04

Photo Credit: ATT, Signature 9, PaperBlog


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