Increase Your Fertility, Ice Your Balls

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Ice Your Balls

Joshua Shoemake had a problem. He wanted a kid, but his fertility was low. After many doctor visits and some research, Josh discovered that his problem was that his balls were too warm. Seriously. There’s some scientific backing to it – something about a vein that is larger in some guys, which keeps the testicles warmer. In a video for Kickstarter, Josh claims that by cooling his balls for two hours every day, he was able to raise his fertility level. That’s all well and good, but do you really want to ice your balls for two hours a day?

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. Josh decided to create Snowballs, “a cooling underwear for conceiving men” (we assume Josh means men who are trying to get their partner to conceive). As goofy as it sounds, the idea is actually well thought-out. He has designed special underwear with pockets in which you can insert cooling “SnowWedges.” These little wedges will bring down your testicle temperature for thirty minutes, allowing you to go about your normal life even while you ice your balls.

Josh hopes to sell Snowballs underwear for $65 – $80, but Kickstarter investors will be able to purchase the undies for less. Check out Josh’s video below. It’s a funny cartoon, and you just might learn something about male fertility!


Photo Credit: Joshua Shoemake


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