[VIDEO] Garcon Model Motel

Garcon Model Motel Video
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU5Kw1z0zT8&w=620&h=350]

A few weeks ago, we published the new Garcon Model Motel campaign – a gallery featuring Nikola Kamenaric and Nina Džafić. To jog your memory, the series is set in a seedy motel room, and we watch the two models rendezvous in a dreamlike encounter. If you liked those photos, then you’re in for a treat. The brand decided to throw an amped-up, dubstep fueled video into the mix. The Garcon Model Motel video does away with the subtle mind games of the gallery. Past, future and present are not blurred by the painting on the wall. The video is rooted firmly in the chaos of now.

The new campaign video, shot by Danijel Galić, opens on Nikola Kamenaric in a motel elevator. Nikola walks with purpose to the door of Nina Džafić. You can tell she’s been waiting. The door opens, they hit the bed, the base drops and the models get busy. We get to see glimpses of Garcon Model underwear as the camera franticly jumps around the action.

Iva Berisic did makeup for both the Garcon Model Motel video and the photo gallery. To see more Garcon Model videos, check out the Mechanical campaign and the calendar shoot.

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Garcon Model Motel Video 1

For more information about this brand: Garcon Model

Photo and Video Credit: Danijel Galić for Garcon Model


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