5 Spring Break Drinking Games for Underwear Lovers

You made it. After hours of driving, you and your bros have finally reached spring break paradise. The weather is warm, the people are hot and the drinks are flowing. Is that mezcal? Pass it here.* It’s spring break, and nothing is going to stop your crew from throwing down. To help you get the party started, we’ve come up with five spring break drinking games that incorporate your favorite obsession: underwear. Whether you’re kicking it on South Padre, the Canary Islands or Cancun, these underwear drinking games will turn spring break 2013 into a legendary event.

*The Underwear Expert does not encourage reckless drinking or underwear behavior. Get home safe, kids.

Underwear Shots

What you need: Two bros (one shooter and one wringer), a pair of clean underwear, a bowl and a bottle of local liquor.

Pour the liquor into a bowl. Dip a pair of clean (preferably never worn) underwear into the bowl of alcohol. Make the shooter lie down on his back and hold his mouth open. Wring the underwear out over his mouth so that the liquor pours in.

Turn this into a challenge by making the shooter lie on the ground, and have the wringer stand on the edge of a bed over him. Can you get the liquor into his mouth?

Clothes Swap

What you need: Beer, two teams of two and a bottle of local liquor.

Have two teams of two people face each other. Each person holds a can of beer. When the game starts, both teams must drink their cans of beer, strip down to their underwear and put on their teammate’s clothes. The team that successfully finishes its beer and exchanges clothes first wins. The losing team must do a shot of local liquor.

Learn more spring break drinking games after the jump!

Briefs Relay

What you need: Cans of cold beer, even teams, and a beach.

You can either play this game on a beach in underwear or swimwear. Divide your group up into even teams. This game works best with three teams of three. Put cases of cold beer in the sand about 20 yards away. In this relay race, each team sends one guy at a time to fill their underwear or swimwear with cans of beer. That person must carry the beer cans in his underwear or swimwear all the way back to the starting line without using his hands. After the cases at the other end are empty, the team with the most beer on their side wins.

Pants Your Bros

What you need: Beer and bros.

In this ongoing game, you and your boys will be on your toes. The object of the game is to pants people by pulling down their pants, revealing their underwear. Whoever gets pantsed in a public place must immediately drink a beer. If you try to pants your bro, and he stops you, then you must drink the can of beer instead.

Underwear Holler

What you need: A people watching spot and local liquor.

At the end of long afternoon at the beach, you and your bros will just want to chill. Find a bench or another place to sit where people will be consistently walking by. When a guy walks by, shout “show us your underwear!” If he’s wearing boxers, take a sip. If he’s wearing briefs, take two sips. If he’s wearing a jock or thong, take a shot. If he’s not wearing any underwear, invite him to hang.

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