Fabio Turns 54 Today! We Celebrate!

Ah Yes.. Fabio! This Italian model and actor has been reducing romance lovers everywhere to puddles on the floor since… well, forever. Since Fabio still looks like the man we all wish we were, it might surprise you to learn he actually turns 54 today! Yes, scientifically, Fabio does age. We were shocked too.

Hailing from Milan, Fabio started modeling at age 14. When he finished his country’s mandatory military service, he moved to NYC. According to legend, Fabio walked into Ford Modeling Agency without an appointment… and walked out with a contract. Are you really surprised by that, though? While we’re talking fun facts, we also thought you’d love to know about the time Fabio was riding a roller-coaster, and he was hit in the face by a 15-pound goose that was flying by… and he killed it… with his face. It’s true, folks.

Fabio’s usually spotted wearing a half-unbuttoned shirt, tank top, or ripped shirt to show off the fact that he could land a helicopter on his pecs, but we did some research and found some Fabio underwear pics that are even better than all that! Check out our 5 favorite Fabio underwear pics below, and let us know what you think of this alpha-male!

Photo Credit: Fabio INC, Fabio International Fan Club


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