Colin Farrell’s Underwear Modeling Secret

Everyone has secrets and Colin Farrell probably has more than most. The movie star was making the talk show rounds to promote Dead Man Down, a new film debuting in March. We haven’t exactly been convinced to see the movie, but it is now evident that one of Farrell’s secrets is a familiarity with revealing underwear. This discovery comes from two separate Colin Farrell underwear sightings: one on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the other on Ellen.

Stopping first at Jay Leno’s desk, Farrell was surprised to see a photo of himself in a singlet. Naomi Campbell, the other guest on the show, commented that Farrell’s modeling wasn’t very good and laughed at his stance. “I was 17, it was $20!” Colin explained. Check out the Colin Farrell underwear model photo in the clip below. How would you rate his pose?


Not satisfied with his teen modeling results, Colin Farrell continued to Ellen, where Degeneres brought up her new underwear model, Mike. She handed Colin three pairs of underwear to “try on” – a g-string, a thong and a Christmas themed, Santa thong. Colin pulled on the g-string over his pants and wobbled. The predominantly female audience was delighted.


Will more photos of Ferrell’s secret underwear past surface? Keep an eye on The Underwear Expert for any new developments.

Video Credit: NBC, Warner Bros


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