C-IN2 Filthy Collection Gets Brighter

IMAGE-C-IN2 Filthy Street Jockstrap White

C-IN2 adds brighter colors to its Filthy collection inspired by classic colors of Americana. Available late March, the C-IN2 Filthy collection will soon include three shades such as white, moon indigo and code red.

C-IN2 Filthy Tank Top code red

Introduced last spring, the C-IN2 Filthy collection combines distressed and faded fabrics with a monochromatic tie-dye to recreate the look of a dirty garment found in an auto shop or coal mine. “This season, it’s even more filthy,” said Gregory Sovell, creative designer of C-IN2. “We added an additional process to really add the grime, grit and grunge.”

The Filthy range was updated last fall with dark military-inspired shades. This spring, however, the collection gets brighter colors influenced by the successful addition of red, white and blue to one of the brand’s other collections. “Last summer, we tried red, white and blue for the Hand Me Down range, and it did very well,” said Sovell. “We thought why not try an Americana version for Filthy.”

The unique look of the Filthy collection has become a popular choice among urban dwellers, according to Sovell. “Filthy has always been a collection that is somewhat unpredictable,” he said. “Some people get it, others don’t; nothing wrong with that. I always think it’s our job to provide the options. C-IN2 makes enough varied collections so that we have something that appeals to everyone.”

The Filthy collection consists of a low no-show brief ($24), punt brief ($28), jock strap ($24) and army trunk ($30) that are made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The range also includes a square tank top ($36), crew neck t-shirt ($45) and V-neck t-shirt ($45) produced from 89% cotton and 11% polyester. The range is available in S-XL.

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C-IN2 Filthy Crew Neck tshirt moon indigo

C-IN2 filthy V-neck Tshirt White

C-IN2 Filthy Army Trunk Moon Indigo

C-IN2 Filthy Low no-show brief Red

C-IN2 Filthy Street JockStrap white

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