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Tagless UnderwearPrurit D from Antibes, France: Hello. I have been searching for an underwear that does not have tags. The tags make me itch. Why are they there at all? Please help me find some tagless underwear!!

The Underwear Expert: Hello, Prurit! Here at The Underwear Expert, we’re on your side when it comes to tags. Whose idea was it to sew scratchy pieces of cotton into our intimate apparel? Couldn’t they put something, you know, soft there?

It turns out that there are laws requiring companies to permanently affix a label describing both the fabric-content and the cleaning and care requirements of the item. In the U.S., The Federal Trade Commission laid down these rules back in 1971. While the regulations are strict, they don’t specify exactly how the label must be attached, allowing some brands to heat stamp the label onto the cloth. Heat stamping used to be more difficult with thinner, more delicate fabrics, so most companies stuck with traditional tags. These days, however, it can actually be cheaper.

While not all brands have caught on, many are starting to do away with the antiquated notion of sticking something abrasive in underwear. Hanes is probably the most famous example. “We know from extensive research that irritating tags are chief among consumer complaints when it comes to comfort,” Bernadette Wallace, a representative for Hanes, told The Underwear Expert.

Another tagless brand is from your own country: Les Insurges offers everything from boxer briefs to hipster shorts – all without tags, and all super stylish.

If you’re looking for something fairly new, Papi has recently added new colors and prints to its tagless Cool 2 collection. Since these Brazilian trunks are sold in two-packs, you can afford to stock up your drawer with tagless undies.

More athletic men will appreciate the Under Armour Charged Cotton collection. Not only is it tagless, it offers moisture wicking that will keep you cool and dry. Whether you’re on the field or in the gym, the last thing you need is a sweat-soaked tag jabbing at your backside.

Obviously has been working hard to keep tags out of its underwear, while making sure the rest of the garment is comfortable as well. The Obviously Metallic collection‘s unique anatomical pouch design, which provides maximum comfort and no irritation, allows your package to hang down. This prevents squashing, chafing, riding up and sweatiness. Not a bad deal.

Finally, if you want something especially colorful, check out C-in2 rangers. The C-IN2 Zen collection and Hand Me Down range are tagless heaven. Comfortable, bright and stylish, the underwear was inspired by the calming waters of the Mediterranean.

Hopefully, brands that still insist on traditional tags will follow the example of these great options. For more information on the history of tagless underwear, read our industry report.

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