Get the Look: Baskit Action Cool Cotton Brief

Professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and hunky fitness model Christopher Villa knows how to work up a sweat, whether he’s lifting weights or being photographed by Rick Day [while wearing the Baskit Action Cool Cotton brief]. The Astoria, Queens native takes working out very seriously and would, of course,  only wear underwear that offers the best support while squatting, bench pressing or sprinting on the treadmill. He has an eye for stylish briefs too. Check out the photo below and Get the Look down below!

Get the Look!

If you’re looking for a little more support in the seat but want the cool, airy feeling of mesh, the Baskit Action Cool Cotton brief is for you. This brief has a 100% cotton mesh body that offers superior comfort and a mesh pouch that keeps you cool no matter what kind of “action” you get into.

Sometimes a little flash of color is all you need to feel sexy when you’re working out or hanging out at home. The Baskit Action Cool Mesh brief provides all the color you could ever want. It is offered in choices such as vermillion orange, white, uber yellow, Chinese red and bronze green. This brief settles for nothing less than a bold, sexy and stylish design that highlights any body shape. Will you be getting this look?

The Baskit Action Cool Mesh brief is available in S-XL. Check out our Baskit Action Cool Cotton Brief review here.

For more information on this brand: Baskit

Photo Credit: Rick Day





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