Aussiebum Breeze Offers Cool, Breathable Feeling

IMAGE Aussiebum Breeze Jockstrap

Aussiebum introduces a new collection of cotton mesh underwear designed for active men. Currently available, the new Aussiebum Breeze jockstraps ($22.52) and briefs ($25.60 USD) are made from a soft, breathable cotton fabric that will make you feel breezy when things are heating up down under.

Aussiebum Breeze Lifestyle Jock Red

Perfect to wear while partaking in any active sports or just working out, the Aussiebum Breeze jockstraps and briefs features a honeycomb or waffle-cotton fabric that absorbs moisture while keeping you cool. Made in Australia, the Breeze collection is made from a fabric blend of 92% cotton and 8% elastane, which easily displaces moisture. This fabric is also highly durable. The introduction of the Breeze series marks the first time that the Australian-based underwear brand is using a sports mesh ventilation weave for athletic purposes.

In addition to offering a breathable feel and comfortable fit, the Aussiebum jockstrap and brief also reveal a sexy view of your package.  When wet, the fabric material offers a semi-sheer view of your valued possessions. What’s more, the Breeze range comes in two different choices of colored waistbands: green and red.

The Aussiebum Breeze jockstraps and briefs are available in XS-XXL.

For more information about this brand: Aussiebum

Aussiebum Breeze Jockstrap Green

Aussiebum Breeze Jock Red Front

Aussiebum Breeze Brief Red


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