Astronaut Underwear and Model Earthlings

 44 years ago today, the crew of Apollo 9 returned from space, splashing down into the Atlantic Ocean. When we realized this, the first thing that came to our heads was (of course), “What kind of astronaut underwear did these guys wear??” Well, the answers weren’t too pretty.

We here at The Underwear Expert searched deep in the archives to find any information we could on space explorer skivvies, but everything just looked like a big ol’ diaper!

Mainly, astronaut underwear is designed to provide astronauts with a few key features necessary in space: moisture control, air regulation, comfort and control. Sure, maybe these two boring outer-space underwear prototypes are all “science”-designed, but what’s that worth if you’ve got the ugliest underwear in, literally, all of the galaxy?

We didn’t want all you space enthusiasts to be too bummed out by the reality of boring astronaut picks for underwear, so instead, we’ve gathered some underwear that would also [probably] work in space.  Though we’ll never know whether they’d hold up in space or not, we’ve thrown some underwear model earthlings in the undies so you can see how they’d at least look.

Check out our picks for some more stylish astronaut undies, and let us know how outta-this-world they are!

For Warmth? – Icebreaker Anatomica 

The Icebreaker Anatomica boxer brief, with its merino wool, would be a good choice for astronaut. Plus, it looks good against the rest of the world, no? Hey, we can see The Underwear Expert Headquarters from here!

For Moisture Control? – Under Armour Mesh

For astronauts who prefer color and great stretch and moisture control, this item would be great.

For Control and Security? – Frigo

These boxer briefs look really futuristic on their own. Plus, they even include a special techonolgical pouch that will hold you even in zero gravity.  

Any Other Thoughts?

Yeah, someone should send Parker Hurley to space. He’d be fun.

For more information on these brands: Frigo, Icebreaker, C-IN2, Under Armour

Photo Credit: NASA, Space Magazine, Gabriel Gastelum, Frigo, Icebreaker, C-IN2, Under Armour, Corbis, InventorSpot


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