Art History: Muchachomalo Spring Campaign

muchachomalo spring campaign002

For the Muchachomalo spring campaign, the innovative Dutch brand curated a sexy and imaginative photo shoot inspired by different movements in art history. The 2013 Muchachomalo spring collection includes a range of boxer briefs in bold, graphic prints in line with the brand’s signature international, cultural aesthetic.

You may also remember the artistic photo series released with the Muchachomalo fall campaign, and the Culture Campaign before that. We love seeing brands and photographers consistently push the envelope with campaigns that reach outside the box.

Check out the full Muchachomalo spring campaign below, can you identify which era of art history inspired each photo?

muchachomalo spring campaign001

muchachomalo spring campaign003

muchachomalo spring campaign004

muchachomalo spring campaign005



muchachomalo spring campaign006

For more on this brand: Muchachomalo

Photo Credit: Muchachomalo


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