8 Underwear Apps You’ll Never Stop Playing

Most people these days fill their iPhones and iPads with apps to keep them busy and entertained late at night, at the doctor’s office, at a boring family dinners, you name it. And that’s OK! For all you app-lovers, we here at The Underwear Expert gathered together what we’re willing to say are the best 8 iPhone and iPad apps ever in the whole world. Is it a coincidence that they’re all underwear apps? Yes. Total coincidence.

Check out our top 8 underwear apps below and let us know which ones you’ll be playing!

#8 “What Color is Bear’s Underwear?” ($2.99)

Finally, the age-old question is answered: What color is Bear’s underwear, really? If you don’t even feel tempted to sing this “Sunday Undies” song… Well you have to at least think the hamburger eating beaver is kinda cute… No? Okay.

#7 “My Underwear” ($0.99)

What would you draw on your underwear with this app? If only we could buy them after we painted them!

#6 “Arthur’s Underwear” ($2.99)

Arthur might be embarrassed of his underwear, but we think this blast from the past is totally cool!

#5 “Underwear Guesser” (FREE)

Hmm… The “Underwear Guesser” app sounds fun, but a thong is all they think of for flirty underwear? Pshhh. Yeah, right.

#4 “Rated M” (FREE)

Mario Lopez is actually kind of badass, we’re not gonna mess with him, but do check out our our article on the app!

#3 “Underwear Hero” ($0.99)

The “Underwear Hero” app lets you race your friends in underwear from the safety of your smartphone. Is anyone daring enough to race in skivvies in real life?

#2 “AYG Cam” (FREE)

The “AYG Cam” app lets you take pictures of your underwear and add speech to them. Hmm… talking underwear? What would underwear say if it could talk??

#1 “MooseJaw X-Ray” (FREE)

The MooseJaw X-Ray app is probably the coolest underwear app we’ve seen (since the other ones involve cute fuzzy bears and hamburger-eating beavers). The app sort of lets you go behind the scenes at photo shoots to see the undies underneath! Check out our article covering the app here.

Got any cool underwear apps we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!

Photo Credit: CJ Educations, Thumb Arcade, Wonderiffic, Movisol, Rated M, Nude Box, Milepost 59, MooseJaw


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