7 Dastardly Underwear Heists

There’s so many great things about underwear, but probably one of the worst things is how much everyone always wants to steal your most stylish pairs, or worse, use their own for evil! We here at The Underwear Expert patrol the underwear headlines for all your best news, and to keep you safe, we just want to shed some light on a few of the most dastardly underwear heists, bandits, and crimes that have been taking place as of late.

Check out these 7 dastardly underwear heists below, and consider yourself warned, fellow underwear lovers!

#7: Hunting for the Bandit

Detective are still looking for the “Underwear Bandit” from this crime. He pulled a black brief down over his face and robbed the cashier of service station.

Underwear Heists 01

#6: Evidence in the Underpants

Underwear plays an interesting roll in this crime. Apparently a man broke into a car, stole a camera, but left behind a pair of blue undies and a can of tuna… Best of all, the car was locked before and after the crime occurred! Those must’ve been some magic undies.

Underwear Heists 02

#5: Good Grief! Gross Briefs!

Underwear heists don’t get much grosser than this! We don’t want people stealing any underwear, but if you do, why the gross used items?

Underwear Heists 03

#4: Panty Raids and Jail Days

Really? Good luck with the whole “I misplaced my realtor papers” excuse on this one, Mister!

Underwear Heists 05

#3: A Brief Run 

He ripped off a convenient store, and then ripped off all his clothes. Admirable, but probably not the best strategy for staying discreet.

Underwear Heists 06

#2: Innocent Underwear Targeted

It’s not always people committing crimes, sometime’s it’s the underwear itself!

Underwear Heists 07

#1: Underwear’s Big Heist:

We can only imagine seeing $2,100 worth of underwear in one place… it must be something like in the mafia movies where the guys open the briefcase full of cash, no?

Underwear Heists 04

Photo Credit: Herald Sun, Augusta Chronicle, ABC, Patch, CNN, WRAL


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