10 Tips: Become an Underwear Model

Becoming an Underwear Model

Becoming an Underwear Model 1

In this age of blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr and super-sexy undies, how to become  an underwear model basically just means getting photos out there and getting discovered. Modeling has never been a more accessible goal for men all over the world. No matter your age or appearance, there’s a good chance there’s a market out there for your looks. The trick is knowing what steps to take. Of course, you also need to be willing to put in some hard work. We gathered 10 tips for how to become an underwear model to help you maximize your chances. Check them out below, and let us know if making money in your underwear is among your dreams.

How to Become an Underwear Model:

10. Hit the gym.

Not every underwear model is built like a wrestler. These days, models come in all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, it’s important to be healthy and intentional about your look. Wether you’re going for skinny and toned, bulked up or large and masculine, a gym membership will help you maintain your desired appearance. Check out Mike Stalker’s workout routine for a good idea of what a model does on a weekly basis.

9. Eat right.

Not only will a proper diet keep your body the right shape, it will improve the appearance of your skin, eyes, lips and just about everything that’s important to a model. Stay away from too much alcohol, sugar, and artificial foods. Here’s a great guideline: if it rots, it helps.

8. Drink more water.

Staying hydrated is essential for a healthy appearance. Also, you’ll feel a lot better.

7. Moisturize.

Keep your skin looking and feeling smooth with daily moisturizer. Using a face cream will also help prevent wrinkles.

6. Practice imitating other models.

Flip through the model photos on The Underwear Expert. Stand in front of mirror and try to imitate their poses and facial expressions. There are plenty of attractive guys who would make terrible models because they don’t know how to pose.

5. Practice with a camera.

Mirror practices can only get you so far. Tell a friend or family member to take photos of you while you practice poses. You can see what you actually look like in a static image and make necessary adjustments.

4. Get your face out there.

Another great way to get feedback and exposure is to submit photos to blogs and model searches. One of the best places to submit is The Underwear Expert’s model search Tumblr.

3. Submit photos to agencies.

Modeling agencies rely on submissions from hopefuls to introduce fresh faces into the industry. Get some good photos taken and send them to as many agencies as you can find. Remember, these photos are  like job applications. Make sure they are your best work, accurately representing your skills and attributes. You can also attend model auditions, which are regularly hosted by agencies.

2. Submit photos to brands.

Some brands will hire amateur models to show off their products. Visit the brand’s website to see if it accepts amateur model submissions.

1. Be tenacious.

Being a model means you have to be extremely comfortable with criticism. Even the most popular models receive nasty comments and harsh words. Take helpful critiques seriously and figure out ways to fix perceived weaknesses, always remembering that being unique isn’t bad. Modeling agencies don’t want you to look like everyone else. They want you to look like you in the most interesting, appealing way possible. With hard work, perseverance and some luck, your modeling dream can become a reality.

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