Zylas Introduces Stylish Briefs

Zylas Briefs blue

Zylas presents its new series of briefs made from a soft, body-defining microfiber fabric blend. Currently available, the Zylas briefs are available in a variety of colors, patterns and stripes for the spring season and are retailed for $20 or less.

The Zylas brief range is made from a lightweight microfiber that offers breathable ventilation and moisture wicking. These brief are ideal to wear while working out or performing any physical activities. The briefs consist of a fabric blend of 83% nylon, 10% polyester and 7% spandex—an ideal combination for active men. Plus, the briefs provide full coverage and support. The contour pouch is designed to fit perfectly and lift your package.

Zylas offers chic designs for men who prefer a little extra style for their athletic underwear collection; that’s why Zylas presents a seasonal array of bold colors for the upcoming season. These colors include green, orange, red, turquoise, yellow, purple and blue. As seen in previous collections, the new Zylas briefs maintain a consistent design by using tonal waistbands with the brand’s logo in a contrast print.

The Zylas briefs are available in S-XL.

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