Wood Underwear Debuts Hermosa Beach Collection

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Wood Underwear launches its new collection of underwear and undershirts produced from a wood-based fabric. Available late February, the Wood Underwear Hermosa Beach collection is made from a soft fabric blend of cotton, elastane and modal, which is derived from beach tree cellulose.

“Is Wood Underwear made of wood? I get asked this all the time,” Terresa Zimmerman, owner and founder of the brand, told the Underwear Expert. “And, yes, there is now wood in Wood. The fabric is incredibly soft and the blend ensures that it performs really well. It’s a stand up pair of underwear and we’re excited about the extended collection. And yes, the puns are always intended.”

The Hermosa Beach Collection includes three styles with three different leg lengths: a trunk, a 3-inch brief and a 6-inch biker brief, which retail for $20 or less. The range also includes a V-neck and round-neck undershirts, which retail for $30. The collection is available in nine collegiate inspired colors such as wood orange, heather grey, navy blue, black, crimson red, forest green, yellow, royal purple and blue. These items are offered in Wood Underwear’s signature box in both single and multi-packs.

The Wood Underwear Hermosa Beach collection is available in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Wood Underwear

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