WHO WORE IT BETTER? Stuart vs Quinn

Every now and then you might see a pair of underwear on one of your favorite models and think, where have I seen that before? Well, just to satisfy all those questioning second glances, we here at The Underwear Expert are facing off our favorite models head to head (or should we say brief to brief) to see Who Wore It Better! In this week’s Who Wore It Better feature, hunky model Stuart Reardon and Andrew Christian boy Quinn Jaxon face off in the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Bandit brief (say that five times fast!).

We first saw Stuart Reardon showing off his stuff in the Andrew Christian collection in his photo shoot with Gilles Crofta. What’s even cooler is that Stuart showed off the Andrew Christian Almost Naked brief wearing nothing else but a cap and some boots! Is this simple style enough to say he wore it better? And what about his awesome tattoo, does that add to the look of the underwear?

As one of the Andrew Christian underwear models, it’s no surprise that we saw Quinn Jaxon sporting the Andrew Christian Almost Naked brief. Though Stuart Reardon kept his photo pretty high fashion, Quinn gets all country boy when he poses on a tractor from this Andrew Christian photo shoot. Will his country boy vibe be enough to say he wore it better?

Make sure to do some careful examining of Stuart Reardon, Quinn Jaxon, and the trendy Andrew Christian Almost Naked brief (are you an underwear expert, or aren’t you?!), and vote for whoever you think wore it better!

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For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta, Andrew Christian


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