WHO WORE IT BETTER? Steve vs. Louis

Who wore it better contests hit the internet all the time with duplicate dresses and suits, but what about underwear? For that special contest, you can count on The Underwear Expert. In this Who Wore It Better feature, Louis Mayhew and Steve Gold go head to head (or should we say brief to brief) with a classic, Calvin Klein Underwear men’s white brief. This underwear design has graced the bodies of great underwear models and some of the most famous underwear advertisements, but who takes the cake here? You tell us in the poll below.

Steve Gold donned the classic Calvin Klein Underwear mens white brief in a photo shoot with photographer Andrew Weir, wearing nothing else but a watch and two gold bracelets. Steve’s seductive glare into the camera left us no choice but to feature him in a post on The Underwear Expert; but how will he fare against Louis Mayhew?

Louis Mayhew caused a big, and we mean big, stir when he too wore the Calvin Klein Underwear men’s white brief. The baby-faced underwear model showed off some not-so-baby-ish assets in a photo shoot with Idris + Tony, but is that all it takes to say Who Wore It Better? When it comes to the classic Calvin Klein Underwear men’s white brief, any man looks classic. Whether you judge by the skivvies themselves or the man that wears them, well, we really have no say. Whatever your reasoning, check out the photos and take to the polls, people!

Make sure to do some careful examining of Steve Gold, Louis Mayhew and the classic Calvin Klein Underwear brief (are you an underwear expert, or aren’t you?!) and vote for whoever you think wore it better!

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For more information on this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Photo Credit: Andrew Weir, Idris + Tony



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