Who wore it better contests hit the internet all the time with duplicate dresses and suits, but what about underwear? For that special contest, you can count on The Underwear Expert. In this Who Wore It Better feature, Scott Gardner and Osh Mackenzie go head to head (or should we say brief to brief) with a sleek black Emporio Armani boxer brief. This bold and masculine boxer brief makes for some cool underwear, but Who Wore it Better? You tell us in the poll below.

Scott Gardner caught our eye in these black Emporio Armani boxer briefs with his photo shoot with Ray John Pila. The photo shoot featured Scott in nothing but his Emporio Armani boxer briefs, and in some shots, a trench coat and designer sunglasses. Talk about style! While the the photo shoot seemed reminiscent of a high-trend streaker on his way to a sports game in some shots, there’s no denying that Scott Gardner knows how to make his underwear look good. But will it be enough to beat out Osh Mackenzie?

Osh Mackenzie wore the same black Emporio Armani boxer brief in his photo shoot, entitled “The Graduates,” shot by photographer Ian Cole. This shot captures Osh in some beautiful sunlight, looking extra slim and clean cut. Is this enough to say Who Wore it Better? Or would you rather see the black and white masculinity in the shot of Scott Gardner?

Make sure to do some careful examining of Scott Gardner, Osh Mackenzie and the sleek, black Emporio Armani boxer brief (are you an underwear expert, or aren’t you?!) and vote for whoever you think wore it better!

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For more information on this brand: Emporio Armani

Photo Credit: Ray John Pila, Ian Cole


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