What Are the Underwear Olympics?

You may have heard – the underwear olympics are going on right now and it seems like everyone is talking about them. For many of our non-American readers, the words “underwear olympics” might bring to mind some interesting images. It’s not what you think. Officially known as the NFL Scouting Combine, these “olympics” are basically a series of challenges for potential NFL draftees to undergo as they attempt to show their grit to football teams. Still confused? It’s a bunch of college guys running really fast and lifting weights.

Here are some of the tests:

40 yard dash

Shuttle run

Bench press

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

3 cone drill

Position specific drills

The players that do well will be given more attention by the hungry press and will likely get good offers from professional teams, but many have doubted the event’s actual impact on draft decisions. It’s a national media spectacle, transformed from its humble beginnings as a private affair in Tampa Bay in 1982.

So is anyone actually stripping down to underwear for this? Not really. Players are weighed in their boxers, but most of the tests will be taken in workout clothes and training gear. You might see some running shorts, but no one is likely to attempt the broad jump in a jockstrap.

Will you be paying any attention to the draft? Should the underwear olympics feature more underwear? Sound off in our comments below.

Photo Credit: NFL


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