[VIDEO] Garcon Model Gets Mechanical

In a recent photo shoot for the rising underwear brand Garcon Model, things got pretty seductive… and mechanical. Photographer Danijel Galic took some great shots of underwear model Sebastian at work in a dark and red-lighted mechanic’s garage. Revolving around Sebastian’s strong and seductive sense of masculinity, this photo shoot is downright sexy. Although Sebastian got down, dirty and greasy with those tools and car parts, his Garcon Model underwear stayed spotless and shining in every shot–what an underwear expert. Though we wish every car mechanic rocked a six pack and trendy underwear, Sebastian looks good enough to make up for all the car mechanics who are, well, not him. Garcon Model is known for its sense of refinement and sharp style, and the fact that this brand can keep it that way in the dirtiest of car garages is pretty impressive. With “Undress for Success” being one of the brand’s many sayings, it’s no wonder Sebastian worked those mechanics at his best once he got down to nothing but those Garcon Model trunks and briefs. Don’t believe us? It’s all in the promo video below. Make sure to check out the video, then scroll down and check out all the photos from the Garcon Model shoot. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaClEilJZMw] Garcon Model Photos 11 Garcon Model Photos 5 Garcon Model Photos 1 Garcon Model Photos 2 Garcon Model Photos 3 Garcon Model Photos 4 Garcon Model Photos 6 Garcon Model Photos 7 Garcon Model Photos 8 Garcon Model Photos 9 Garcon Model Photos 10 For more information on this brand: Garcon Model Photo Credit: Danijel Galic


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