Underwear Fitness: Decline Push-ups

Super Bowl Sunday is getting closer and closer, which means you have two options: stock up on Frito-Lay’s or get to work on your push-ups so you can be ripped (or at least pretend to be) as the guys on the big screen. For an intense push-up experience, check out personal trainer’s Go Green work-out, the Decline Push-Up, below.

Decline push-ups are performed by propping your feet against a wall or on top of a bench or chair (as pictured). The higher your feet are placed, the more severe the decline angle, and the more significant the isolation on specific muscle fibers. Decline push-ups incorporate the muscle fibers in the upper portion of the pectoralis major muscle, which means more bang for your push-up buck.

Isolating the upper chest is the basis of decline push-ups. In standard push-ups, the fibers in the lower chest are not incorporated because of the angle at which the body will ultimately be pushed up. By raising your feet higher, you can move the stress on the muscle further up the pectoralis major. In addition, because of the angle, you will not be able to use your triceps in the movement ensuring you’re really working the muscles you need to. In standard push-ups, you can use your triceps by keeping your elbows in close to your body, but because of the angle of your body you cannot leave the elbows in close without adjusting other aspects of the movement–this results in a the most beneficial push.

Try these at home with a chair or other elevate surface. Increase your reps each work-out and you’ll be ready for the Super Bowl in no time.


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