Underwear Accessories THAT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE

Life is filled with tiny inconveniences. Paper cuts, dry mouth, you know.. those kind of things. The fix you need is right where you probably guessed it would be: under your pants! From a creative online store called Archie McPhee, we found underwear accessories to solve all kinds of problems in your everyday life… they may even save your life one day!

Check out our top 5 favorite underwear accessories below.

#5 in our favorite underwear accessories: “Underpants Sucker”

Underwear Accessories 01

Unless you’ve got some kind of weird mint-scented dryer sheets, where else would you find minty underwear? The “Underpants Sucker” is the perfect solution to cure bad breath before a date.

#4 in our favorite underwear accessories: “Undercap”

Underwear Accessories 03

For all you underwear lovers out there with too much pride to wear your actual underwear on your head (that’s probably a good decision), try giving the “Undercap” a shot. I mean, it’s only a little less weird, but what better way to show true underwear love? Note: Gauges and beard not included.

#3 in our favorite underwear accessories: “Instant Underpants”
Underwear Accessories 05

Now, hopefully you’ll be smart enough to never need this, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re stuck someplace without an alternate wardrobe, simply adding water to these “Instant Underpants” will get you back on track.

#2 in our favorite underwear accessories: “Handerpants”Underwear Accessories 04


Sometimes you can venture around alright in the cold without a hat, but gloves? That’s just torture. Keep your hands warm or start your own half-naked hand puppet show with these awesome “Handerpants.”

#1 in our favorite underwear accessories: “Underpants Bandages”

Underwear Accessories 02

Nothing makes you feel as wonderful as underwear does, but until today, the wonderful garments really had no way of curing our physical wounds. With “Underpants Bandages,” underwear can finally fix you up physically and emotionally.

Photo Credit: Archie McPhee


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