Top 10 Facebook Photos of January

Here at The Underwear Expert, we work hard to create a community of people who love underwear as much as we do. That’s why we’re so proud of our Facebook fans. Every day, thousands of undies-fanatics like, comment and share our Facebook posts. If you’re not part of our Facebook community yet, then join us! If you’re already part of our fast growing group, you’ll probably recognize some of these photos. We put together a collection of our top 10 Facebook photos from January. These were the most liked, shared and commented upon photos of the month. Check the top Facebook photos out below, and be sure to read our favorite fan comments with each image!

10. Why wear underwear?

We gave our Facebook fans 9 reasons why underwear is important. Apparently, they agreed.

9. Are you tired of Justin Bieber?

We asked if our Facebook fans were tired of Justin Bieber underwear sightings.

8. Button-fly pouches

What kind of fly do you like on your underwear? Our Facebook community sounded off on button-fly undies.

7. Andrew Christian

Facebook had some good things to say about this Andrew Christian brief.

6. Channing Tatum talks underwear

Channing Tatum talked about underwear, and our Facebook fans responded.

5. Would you wear lace underwear?

We asked our Facebook fans if they think guys should wear lace underwear.

4. Yadier Rodriguez

Our Facebook community had good things to say about this gallery of Rodriguez and XTG underwear.

3. Classic Mark Wahlberg

Apparently our Facebook community looks back on this Calvin Klein ad fondly.

2. No Pants Subway Ride

Did you attend to 2013 No Pants Subway Ride? The event was discussed thoroughly on our Facebook page.

1. Colby Melvin by Rick Day

The most popular photo in January was this exclusive photo of Colby Melvin by Rick Day.

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For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein Underwear, XTG

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein Underwear, DNA, Homotrophy, Mens Swim and Under, Queerty, Rodalfo Martinez, The Week, Thomas Synnamon


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