Top 5 Warrior Underwear Celebs

No matter how dangerous the combat, no matter how sharp the swords, no matter how ridiculous it is to wear underwear to war, the whole “warrior underwear” outfit actually is chosen by many hollywood films and actors. Probable historical inaccuracies aside, we here at The Underwear Expert are all in favor of the warrior underwear look, and have gathered our top 5 favorite.

Take a look at our top 5 coolest underwear warrior celebs below, and let us know what you think! Too dangerous for you?

#5 Coolest Celeb: Kirk Douglas as “Spartacus”

Totally old school, Kirk Douglas became one of the first warrior underwear celebs when he first played the role of “Spartacus.” Is it a little odd that his arm seems to be really well protected… and then the rest of his body not at all? Nahhh!

#4 Coolest Celeb: Kevin Sorbo as “Captain”

Though Meet the Spartans was just a spin-off comedy of the way more intense 300, Kevin Sorbo’s underwear warrior role as “Captain” makes the movie ten times better.

#3 Coolest Celeb: Arnold Schwartzenegger as “Conan the Barbarian”

Face it, Arnold Schwartzenegger is one of the coolest and most classic warrior underwear celebs of all time. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s got a bunch of underwear photos of himself circling the net.

#2 Coolest Celeb: Gerard Butler as “Leonidas”

I’m sure you all remember the awesome scene in 300 where Gerard Butler yelled, “THIS IS SPARTA” and then high-kicked that dude in the goods. How else would he have had such great range of motion if not for his super-cool warrior underwear? Exactly.

#1 Coolest Celeb: Liam McIntyre as the new “Spartacus”

When his new “Spartacus” series aired on the 24th of January, Liam McIntyre brought a whole new sex appeal to warrior underwear. But seriously though, he doesn’t need body armor anywhere else?

Photo Credit: Film Popper, IMDB, Just Jared


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