The Underwear Expert’s Picks for Sexy Pope

In case you’ve been living underground the past week or two, Pope “Ray of Sunshine” Benedict XVI is stepping down from pope-ship, and the world couldn’t be more excited about it! Just as if there were an open position for a new American Idol judge, the public has been up in arms about the wide range of possibilities. Should he be black? Should he be a she? Should he not hate half the living world? The questions are everywhere, but what about a sexy Pope?

With a huge hat, a shining cane and gold-trimmed robes, the Pope might as well be a rockstar, so let’s just drop the charade and pick a sexy one! And really, who better to step in for position of “Sexy Pope” than an underwear model? We’ve picked out some of our choices, and even worked some magic to give you a sneak peak of their possible reign…

Check out our top 5 picks for Sexy Pope below, and let us know what you think!

#5: Daniel Garofali

Daniel Garofali is just a great candidate for Sexy Pope. He’s tall, dark and handsome; what more could you ask for in a pope, really?

#4: Erick Salgado

Erick Salgado was made the official Model of the Week on The Underwear Expert a couple weeks ago, but he could totally be God’s Model of Forever if he donned the papal hat and cane.

#3: Arnaud Dehaynin

Arnaud Dehaynin told us all about his modeling career in an exclusive interview. It’s true he’s known as the Triple-H (hot, hunky, and hairy), but imagine if he added “holy” to that! QUADRUPLE-H FOR SEXY POPE.

#2: David Bertozzi

Plenty of people have mentioned the possibility of a younger Pope… Okay, so let’s make a super young Sexy Pope!

#1: Colby Melvin

No one can deny that Colby Melvin is just a big ol’ bundle of fun and combined with his political activism, we say he should throw on the robes and be the new Sexy Pope!

Photo Credit:, CNN


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