The Ellen Underwear Model Search Winner

The hunt is finally over – the Ellen Underwear model search winner is some guy named Mike Wolfinger. After making it through initial trials and tests, Mike faced off against two other finalists in the ultimate model battle. The three amateur studs stood atop a platform and answered simple trivia questions. If they answered correctly, they were allowed to stay. If they answered incorrectly, they were dropped from the platform.

Mike, clearly the most clever of the three finalists, managed to stay on the platform the longest. He successfully gave correct answers to the questions, “how many inches long is a one foot ruler?” and “if I tell you your epidermis is showing, what organ am I talking about?”

While these questions might seem to be easy, another contestant, Julian, didn’t manage to even give a response to the question “what is the last car on a train called?” The audience giggled as he scrunched up his face in thought before being dropped from the platform.

“You’re very good looking,” consoled Ellen.

Was Mike the best candidate for the first Ellen Underwear model position? Which of the final three would you have chosen? Watch the clip below.


Photo and Video Credit: Warner Bros


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