Super Bowl Underwear Sightings (The Watch List)

With Super Bowl XLVII practically upon us, what can we expect from TV’s biggest event of the year? We’ve already discussed our favorite past ads and one that we’re excited to see air. You even know what underwear to rock to support your team! Still, one question still lingers in all of our minds: “Will there be any Super Bowl underwear sightings?”

While we can’t guarantee any specific sightings, we put together a list of six players to watch on Sunday. These guys might just show 111 million people their underwear. See them below and find out why they’re the players to watch.

Alex Smith

Poor Smith suffered a concussion halfway through 2012, so he won’t be playing in the Super Bowl. Does that mean he won’t wildly strip down and jump into the Gatorade? Probably, but you never know.

Colin Kaepernick

Since Smith was DL’d, Colin Kaepernick has stepped up in a major way. This is a man who’s proud of his tattoos – if there’s a 49ers victory, we just might see him shed some layers.

Ed Reed

Ed Reed holds records and looks great doing it. The Raven’s safety was shown channeling American Beauty in Sports Illustrated.

Ray Lewis

Super Bowl XLVII will be the veteran linebacker’s last game. What better way to say “that’s right, I just retired” than to win it all and show the world your underwear?

Ray Rice

The Raven’s running back is known for being calm under pressure and pulling out of tight situations. He’s also known to show off that game-winning body. We might see both on Sunday.

Vernon Davis

Veronon “Look at the Size of Those Arms” Davis has made his fair share of clutch catches in his time with the 49ers, but will we catch an underwear sighting from him?

Photo Credit: Baller Alert, E! Online, Just Sports, NXT Phase Sports, Out Sports, Sports Illustrated


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