No Place for Underwear

Here at The Underwear Expert, we almost always approve of undies. Yesterday, we came across a rare exception to our usual code. Apparently a replica of Michelangelo’s David was erected last year in Okuizumo, Japan. The residents of the town seem to lack appreciation for the Renaissance art and have demanded that underwear be placed on the statue. Now, we aren’t slaves to historical accuracy, but a pair of Calvins probably wouldn’t be consistent with the fads and styles of 11th century BC Israelite culture. More importantly, we don’t think it was part of Michelangelo’s artistic vision. If the man had wanted David to wear briefs, he would’ve chiseled on a pair of briefs.

This isn’t the first time Michelangelo’s work has faced the scrutiny of modern minds. Last year, a Chinese television show pixelated out the private regions of several of his statues and paintings while documenting the opening of a museum.

Of course, the most famous instance of David censorship took place under the easily-offended eye of Queen Victoria. When she saw her copy in 1857, she was so shocked by the genitalia that she immediately commissioned a detachable fig leaf to place over the offensive portion of the statue. Maybe she should’ve gone with a jock.

Is it time to let a 700 year old statue just be itself? If we were going to put underwear on the David, what style would he wear?

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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