Papi Ibiza Collection Gets Updated with Purple, Fuchsia

Papi Ibiza Plaid

Papi updates its Ibiza collection of 2-pack Brazilian trunks ($28) with two new bright colors. Hitting stores mid February, the Papi Ibiza range will include purple and fuchsia. The Ibiza 2-pack range includes one trunk with a solid black print and colorful waistband and another trunk with a brilliant plaid print and solid black waistband.

“Purple and fuchsia are very hot colors for men’s sportswear right now so we decided this trend should carry to underwear as well,” said Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi. “If a man is hesitant about wearing shirts or pants that are too colorful, he can still take a little risk by trying colorful underwear.”

The Ibiza series is part of the brand’s Cool 2 collection, which is offered as a set of two separate designs and is made from a soft microfiber fabric blend that contours to the body. The Ibiza collection was initially released four years ago and due to popular demand, it became a permanent collection.

“We choose Ibiza as a theme because it is a trendy location full of colors and rhythm where people go to have a good time,” said De Carvalho. “Our consumers are all about having fun so we felt it was a great inspiration to connect with the brand. The inspiration of the new colors was inspired by the nightlife in Ibiza, which is known for its florescent bright colors.”

Similar to other collections offered as part of the Cool 2 line, the Ibiza series is made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The fabric blend is capable of wicking away moisture and keeping you cool, dry and fresh. The trunks also feature a contour pouch with an anatomical fit that supports and lifts. Plus, the fabric is resistant to shrinking and fading.

“The polyester and spandex blend is soft and easy to care for,” said De Carvalho. “It really feels great on the body and makes you feel as if you are almost wearing a second skin.”

The Ibiza 2 collection is also available in periwinkle blue, lawn green and tropicana yellow and comes in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Papi

 Papi Ibiza Brazilian Trunk Fuchsia

Papi Ibiza Brazilian Trunk Fuchsia

Papi Ibiza Brazilian Trunk Purple

Papi Ibiza Brazilian Trunk Purple

Photo Credit: Papi


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