Oscar Party Stripping Game

It’s that time of the year again. Gather your friends together for a night of classy food, drink and the Oscars. While many men’s magazines might suggest an Oscar party drinking game, the team at The Underwear Expert has created the ultimate Academy Award watching experience: an Oscar Party stripping game. Here’s what you need to play.


– Awesome underwear (because let’s face it, you’ll be down to your skivvies in no time)

– A tuxedo (feel free to substitute with a suit – start classy, people)

– A television showing the 85th Academy Awards

– Friends (optional, but definitely preferable)

We’re assuming that you’re starting out in a suit, which means there are plenty of articles of clothing to take off before you end up in your underwear. Write each of these rules down on slips of paper and hand them out randomly to members of your party. Everybody, get comfortable! It’s time to lose some layers.

Take off an article of clothing if:

– Seth MacFarlane does a Family Guy voice

– Seth MacFarlane does a political impression

– The audience groans at a Seth MacFarlane joke

– Seth MacFarlane makes a fart joke

– Anyone at your party laughs at something Seth MacFarlane says

– Someone mentions Sophie’s Choice

– Someone mentions War Horse

– Someone thanks “God”

– Someone thanks “Mom”

– The camera focuses on Jack Nicholson

– Brad Pitt has weird facial hair

– Brad Pitt strokes his weird facial hair

– Morgan Freeman says anything

Take off two articles of clothing if:

– Adele gets a standing ovation

– Someone drones on about the government’s use of drones

– Jodie Foster says something

– You’ve ever heard of the short film nominees

– Sacha Baron Cohen shows up looking weird

– Bradley Cooper claims he’s “just happy to be nominated”

– Someone thanks “Allah”

– Someone thanks Michael Bay

Take off the rest of your clothing and dance around if:

– Argo wins best picture

– Seth MacFarlane trips unintentionally

– Hugh Jackman shows up dressed as Wolverine

– Robert Pattinson climbs on stage and gives an “Imma let you finish” style speech claiming Bradley Cooper should have won best actor

Take off the rest of your clothing, then go outside and jump in the snow if:

– Skyfall doesn’t win best cinematography

– Aaron Sorkin attacks Quentin Tarantino with a thesaurus

– Jennifer Lawrence shows up in men’s underwear

– Christopher Nolan goes on a vengeful rampage

– There’s a 30 minute power outage


Have fun watching the Oscars, and happy stripping!


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