Muchachomalo Spring Collection Debuts

Muchachomalo Spring Boxer Brief

Muchachomalo introduces its new underwear collection that features graphic prints inspired by the rich culture of Brazil. Currently available, the Muchachomalo Spring range of boxer briefs feature colorful images of the festivities held during Carnival and the iconic statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

The Muchachomalo Spring range consists of a 2-pack Men Short (€42,95) and Men Short Print (€24,95). The 2-pack includes a solid shade of purple with a graphic print of the Rio de Janeiro skyline on the waistband. The second boxer brief comes with an all-over print of the statue.

Based in the Netherlands, Muchachomalo offers hand-painted designs created by artists and fashion designers. “Muchachomalo is underwear with attitude for those who know their own mind, individuals who are always up for adventure,” the brand said in a statement.

The brand has attempted to channel the style of different cultures from all over the world. Previous underwear campaigns featured images representing Sweden, Brazil and everywhere in between. The result has been a series that mixes color and striking design.

The Muchachomalo Spring collection of boxer briefs is available in S-XXL.

For more information about this brand: Muchachomalo

Muchachomalo Spring Collection Boxer Brief

Muchachomalo Spring Collection Boxer Brief 2 pack

Photo Credit: Muchachomalo


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