Get the Look: Modus Vivendi Premium Gold Boxer Brief

When Youtube sensation and fitness guru Davey Wavey visited New York City last month, he wasn’t afraid to strut around the big apple in just his underwear. We gave him plenty of choices to wear but none looked more chic than the limited edition Modus Vivendi Premium Gold Boxer Brief. Wavey also wore a pair of shimmering sneakers and rocked this look with a Louis Vutton handbag and a fur scarf.

Get the Look!

The low-rise Modus Vivendi Premium Gold Boxer Brief showcases hundreds of embroidered gold sequins, which are sewn onto a special elastic fabric imported from Italy. This fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable. All of the Premium Gold Boxer Briefs are made by hand in the brand’s factory in Greece since this specific fabric needs extreme attention to detail. “There is a lot of work behind the creation of each pair but the outcome is really stunning,” said Thanos Giagtzis, marketing director for the Greek-based Modus Vivendi. This boxer brief also features a matching gold waistband, which includes the Modus Vivendi logo in bold lettering.

The Premium Gold Boxer Brief is among the best selling designs by Modus Vivendi and it is proof that men will spend a significant amount of money for a pair of underwear that will make them look and feel special. This pair retails for €69. For fans of shimmering gold sequin underwear, the brand also offers the limited editions Premium Brief (€69) and Premium T-String (€28,30).

The Modus Vivendi Premium Gold Boxer Brief is available in S-XL. Dry cleaning the boxer brief is recommended.

For more information about this brand: Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi Premium Gold Boxer Brief



Photo Credit: Aydin Arjomand Exclusively for The Underwear Expert
Makeup: Colby Smith



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