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Most people don’t think of men’s big and tall underwear when they consider the underwear industry. The fact is, however, that there are more than just small, medium and large sizes out there.

One of the companies helping big and tall men find well-fitting undergarments is Players. Founded in 1986, Players has been manufacturing and selling men’s big and tall underwear for over a quarter of a century; it’s safe to assume they have a pretty solid handle on that fraction of the market. We spoke to Rick Henry of Players about his company and the challenges of getting correctly sized underwear to big and tall men.

“We began the company in 1986 by offering a very limited program,” Henry said. But due to increasing waistlines and consumer demand, they’ve since expanded their offerings significantly. Players products now are available up to 10X big and 6X tall.

Sizing is only part of making the perfect pair of men’s big and tall underwear. Players utilizes only cotton and nylon fabrics because they are ideal materials for men. Nylon dries easily and is lightweight with a soft, smooth feel. It doesn’t absorb stains or odor as easily as other fabrics either and is resistant to fading and other damage. This durable fabric can keep a big or tall man comfortable all day. Cotton is also exceptionally lightweight and breathable. Speaking on the current Players cotton range, Henry said, “Our cotton specifications are, hands down, the most generous in the big and tall underwear space. The garments utilize ring spun combed cotton for a very comfortable fit.”

What’s more, both Players underwear ranges are pre-shrunk, so the big or tall man won’t have to worry about size after his underwear has been through the wash.

Players underwear has carved a valuable niche for itself in the underwear market. According to Henry, 75% of Players products are unique to his brand. Though the company has enjoyed a firm grip on the men’s big and tall underwear market for this reason, it hasn’t become complacent. Players continues to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of it products.

“We ship same day and have a stellar customer service reputation,” Henry explained. Since Players manufactures its own garments, they can keep quality up and costs down. “Direct to consumer sales is reason for the value we offer,” continued Rick.

Nylon Tricot Boxer, $7.50


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