Mario Lopez Streaking After Lost Bet

Mario Lopez is apparently a diehard 49ers fan. He was convinced the 49ers were going to win the Super Bowl – so convinced, in fact, that he made a bet: if the Ravens win, he’ll go streaking through the Grove wearing a Ravens helmet. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you know it’s time for Lopez to drop trou. Check out the video of Mario Lopez streaking below, then read more about the (surprisingly speedy) 49ers fan after the jump.


Acting bashful, Mario pretends he’s not excited to strip down to his underwear and run around, but we know better. The Extra host has enough underwear pics to earn a frequent underwear sightings savings card. Most recently, he was caught with his pants down decorating a Christmas tree with his daughter. Again, Mario pretended it was embarrassing before retweeting the photo to all of his followers.

One thing is certain: Mario Lopez is a good sport. He wore the Ravens helmet and ran at an impressive speed through the Grove. While it wasn’t quite as charming as the David Beckham streaking video, Mr. Lopez did not have Guy Ritchie directing.

When he’s not running around in his underwear, Mario Lopez also runs two underwear brands: MaLo and Rated M (which he happens to be wearing during his run).

Photo Credit: Extra


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