Male Power Introduces Scandal Lace

Male Power debuts a new collection of lace underwear that features one-of-a-kind, erotic styles. The Male Power Scandal Lace range comes in eight unique and daring styles: power sock short ($37.50), garter belt short ($25), sling thong ($37.50), choker thong ($35), micro thong pinch back ($27.50), G-string garter short ($32.50), micro garter short ($35) and split back short ($37.50).

The Scandal Lace collection is made from black stretch galloon lace combined with soft, four-way stretch mesh that consists of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. Gallon lace is a decorative woven trim with scalloped edges that is commonly used for women’s undergarments. This lace trimming offers an intimate look and sensual feel to Male Power’s latest range.

“Men have grown much more comfortable with their feminine side and they’ll be even more comfortable in these attractive undergarments,” said Jeff Baker, owner of Male Power. “The super softness of the fine sheer mesh combined with soft lace trim makes for an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. Men are embracing their desire for lace undergarments more than ever.”

Since Male Power was established in 1974, the brand has offered a wide variety of lace underwear options. Most recently, the brand has observed an ever-increasing demand for lace underwear since it re-introduced a lace collection last year.

With the Scandal Lace range, Male Power offers styles that were inspired by a combination of different looks offered by the brand. The sling thong combines a thong with two shoulders straps while the chocker thong brings together a basic thong and an elastic top collar. The garter belt short, G-string garter short and micro garter short combine the look of a thong with a garter belt.

Some styles of the Scandal Lace range offer enticing designs to show off your goods. The power sock short is a backless pouch that fits only on your package. The micro thong pinch back and split back short offer a flattering look of your backside.

Because the Male Power Scandal Lace range offers ideal stretch, the collection is available in two sizes: small/medium or large/extra large.

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