Justin Bieber Clothes Sighting?

Saturday night, the little prince of pop and serial pants-dropper hosted SNL. Acting as both the host and the musical guest, Justin Bieber’s chances to show off his underwear were almost too many to count. He could have shown a little waistband during the monologue, waxed some moon during his second song or taken off his pants during the Valentine’s Day video. Here at The Underwear Expert, we were ready for almost anything. That’s when Bieber pulled a move we never saw coming: he left his clothes on. You read that correctly. Justin Bieber did not show his underwear on Saturday Night Live. Who tamed this strip-hungry beast? To what do we owe this “Justin Bieber clothes sighting?”

Perhaps the lack of underwear can be attributed to the presence of Lorne Michaels, the creator and producer of SNL. Michaels is infamously strict with his hosts and musical guests, having banned celebrities from Adrian Brody to Elvis Costello after they disobeyed his wishes. Did Michaels warn Bieber that any underwear sightings would lead to a life-long ban from the show? Is Bieber just trying to portray a more grown-up version of himself? The theories are numerous, but we can only hope that this is the first sign of a more mature Bieber. Some day, the little prince is going to become king. Let’s pray he is worthy of his subjects.

Photo Credit: NBC


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