Jason Statham Underwear Pics

Jason Statham dressed up in suits and all kinds of high-end clothes for his role as a professional thief in his movie Parker, but we’re willing to bet these Jason Statham underwear pics are even more fashionable.

When Jason Statham started dating Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Rosie admitted in an interview that Jason had given her gifts of sexy underwear. She even said that he has “impeccable taste” in picking out underwear, so what about his own? We here at The Underwear Expert scoured the internet to find some great Jason Statham underwear pics, and we’re not doing cartwheels with what we’ve found, but Jason does good enough taste to keep us busy for a few minutes.

Check out the Jason Statham underwear pics and let us know what you think?

In this pic, Jason Statham wakes up in the hospital bed in his skivvies in a movie scene. While those boxer shorts aren’t enough to make him Beiber status in the underwear celeb world, they certainly fit the actor nicely.

Weird facial expression aside, this pic (must be from college or a competition?) shows Jason Statham in his diving days! The actor used to train to dive professionally, and nothing says professional diver like a sleek black swim brief.

Jason Statham wears some black swim trunks while repping his pro diver status on the boat of boats. We give him a 10 on the take off.

While the swim shorts are certainly trendy, why would Jason have ever gotten rid of the sleek black swim brief look? We give him a 10 on the entry, but throw in a low scoring 5 for not wearing his awesome swim brief.

Photo Credit: Fame Watcher


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