January’s Top 10 Underwear Headlines

After bringing you our first top 10 collection of the weirdest underwear headlines for the winter season, we here at The Underwear Expert were amazed to see the strange news just keep flowing… so what do we do? Well, once again, we’ve decided to compile our top 10 favorite underwear headlines just for you! These stories are all from January alone… we wish we were making these up, but they are all (oddly enough) real.

Make sure to scroll all the way through, and let us know which of the underwear headlines were your favorite!

#10 in Underwear Headlines

“Seargent this is boot camp! Not booty camp! You can’t just go running around in your underwear!”

#9 in Underwear Headlines

This guy’s been a vampire in Portland, a wizard at Hogwarts, and now… an underwear model in China?! Well, that’s definitely our favorite, Robert!

#8 in Underwear Headlines

Those silly teenagers… If he really wanted to see some good waistbands, he should’ve just checked out our Metallic Waistband photo shoot!

#7 in Underwear Headlines

Ok, hold it right there, why would a prisoner want to hide chili powder in his own underwear?? That just sounds painful… and spicy.

#6 in Underwear Headlines

We’re guessing if you’re trying to “flee” in your underwear, jumping right into the police station probably isn’t the best get-away option…

#5 in Underwear Headlines

What a hero! Apparently all that needed fixing was a broken seat on the deck, and he didn’t even need to take off any of his clothing…
Just kidding! But how much cooler would that be?

#4 in Underwear Headlines

What’s that, Georgia? You’ve got an underwear “surprise?” With a “big settlement,” and “perps at large,” huh? Get over yourselves!

#3 in Underwear Headlines

Yeah. They found the jewels alright.

#2 in Underwear Headlines

Ah, yes. The red undies of arrogance, we are all too familiar. Didn’t we do a product review on those?

#1 in Underwear Headlines

Yes, you read that correctly: “Throw a THONG!” Sadly, our friends in Australia use the word “thong” to describe what we call “sandals” as opposed to a g-string… but we can dream can’t we??

 Wanna see some of last month’s underwear headlines? Make sure to check back next month for more of our underwear headlines!


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