Hugh Jackman Underwear Pics So Un-Miserables

After he rocked the role of Jean Valjean in the movie adaption of Les Miserables, we think you’ll agree with us that these Hugh Jackman underwear pics are so un-miserables, or they’ll make you Les(s) Miserables, or insert your own hilarious pun here.

Hugh Jackman’s pretty much played all the super muscular heroic roles like Wolverine, Van Helsing, now Jean Valjean and hey, he even played a role in that cute penguin singing movie Happy Feet. It seems no matter what role Hugh Jackman is cast to play, he commits himself to getting absolutely ripped for it… even the penguin movie. Okay, maybe not the penguin movie, but the point is the ripped Australian actor makes himself a prime specimen for some Hugh Jackman underwear photos.

With two more X-men movies confirmed and on the way, and the actor also cast to play the famous showman P.T. Barnum, we’ll be seeing a lot of Hugh Jackman lately. Here’s to hoping he shows up in his skivvies every now and then!

Check out our top 5 hottest Hugh Jackman underwear pics below and let us know what you think.

5. Here, Hugh wears some nice black boxer briefs in his 2001 movie Someone Like You, right after his first appearance as Wolverine.

 4. Hugh Jackman goes totally Baywatch in some swim trunks.

3. When you’re Hugh Jackman, what better way is there to spend the day than lounging around with people taking pictures of you?

2. For a picture taken through a fence, this shot of Hugh and his black drawstring swim briefs is great. Check out that beard!

1.  Another shot from his movie Someone Like You. Is it just us, or does this Hugh Jackman underwear pic make him look super young?

Photo Credit: Celeb Undies, Me Me TV


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