Hottest Tom Hardy Underwear Sightings

Through big screen hits like The Dark Knight Rises, Warrior and Inception, actor and badass MMA fighter Tom Hardy has become quite the Hollywood hottie. Best part for us is, well, he’s got underwear sightings! Some of them are quite strange, so just for you, we’ve compiled only the hottest Tom Hardy underwear sightings.

Check our top 5 hottest Tom Hardy Underwear sightings below and let us know what you think!


This longer-haired Tom Hardy showed off some waistband in this sighting. Check out all those tattoos! Too bad the actor’s never modeled underwear, cause he probably would’ve made it into our top 10 hottest tattooed underwear models…


Headed in and out of the shower, Tom Hardy didn’t show us too much underwear here, but he got close enough fo this to count.. right?


If not for the tattoos, we’d barely be able to recognize the bearded, short-haired and pretty slim Tom Hardy in this shot. Looks like he’s wearing some pretty stylish white swimwear in this shot too.


Tom Hardy looks plenty exhausted in this shot, taken after the star spent the day working on filming for The Dark Knight Rises. Tom had to bulk up for his role playing “Bane,” and wears that Under Armour well!


Tom Hardy went totally teenage girl in this duck-lipped, Myspace profile-pic, style self photograph. Just another day in the life of Tom Hardy, we suppose. Check out his Joe Boxer underwear!

For more information on this brand: Under Armour, Joe Boxer

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